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When I win the lottery I'll give you a call

Posted 2/28/2017

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I hear this all the time, but you don't need to win $26,000,000 before calling a financial advisor. Why should you use a Financial Advisor? Most people seem to think they need big money to sit down and talk to a financial advisor. "When I win the lottery I'll give you a call." Is a comment I hear all too often. The misunderstanding is wide spread so I thought I should take a minute to explain what it is I actually do.

As a Financial Advisor my job is to be your guide through the pit falls (sometimes free falls)  as well as upswings in your financial life. I'm trained to help you be prepared for life events such as but not limited to getting married, buying a house, having children, planning for retirement and making sure you can leave a legacy if you so choose.

The best time to talk to a Financial Advisor, besides today, is when you get your first job. You can lay out a financial plan from where you are now until retirement. I know a million things are going to change between your first job and retirement, but that's why I recommend meeting with your advisor at least once a year and more often if a major life event like a wedding is coming up, that way you can make the small or large adjustments necessary to keep you headed towards your main goals in life. As I said though, the best time to talk to an Advisor is today! It's never too late to get back on track. Let a professional make your financial plan as bullet-proof as possible. Give me a call or send me a e-mail, it'll be easier than you think!

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