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We can offer you the best rates on a plan that fits your unique lifestyle. You can select from various forms of coverage, including Term, Whole, or Universal Life Insurance policies. In addition, we can provide customized plans that offer different types of coverage for different periods in your life.

Term Life Insurance covers you for a specified amount of time, usually 10 or 20 years. It is often used to cover your mortgage and/or protect your family while your children are young.

Universal or Whole Life Insurance protects your legacy, allowing you to leave a specified amount of assets to your children, grandchildren, or a charity of your choice. 


Travel Insurance is one of the most neglected forms of coverage, despite how useful it can be. While you are out of Ontario, your OHIP health coverage no-longer applies. That means any injury inured during your trip could result in a large unexpected expense to receive treatment services.

We can find you the best rates on plans that fit your travel needs. Whether it is a short or long trip, the right travel plan protects your funds against the risk of injury or sickness while you are away.

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Health Insurance fills the gaps in OHIP coverage, insuring you for the cost of prescriptions and dental office visits. In addition, we offer Critical Illness Insurance, covering you in the instance that you are unable to work or have large medical bills in the event of hospitalization. Critical illness insurance is a tax-free lump sum right when you need it most.

Whether you are looking for an individual policy or group policy, our providers have the right plan for you or your business. 

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Disability Insurance fills the gap in earnings that may result from an acquired disability. This means that you will be financially compensated at your current rate of pay, protecting you and your family against the risk of being unable to work.

Plans include individual policies, group policies, as well as government plans such as workers' compensation. Whatever your needs, we can find the right plan to protect you or your business. 



Registered Education Savings Plan's take advantage of government programs that may offer you up to $500 just for starting a fund. In addition, this investment can give you an extra 20% on every dollar you invest, up to $500. Let us help you set up an RESP for you or your children's education. 


Registered Retirement Savings Plans let your money grow for your retirement. With the sharp decline in jobs offering long-term employment with a secure pension, RRSP's fill the gap in retirement savings. Let us help you save for your retirement, giving you peace-of-mind knowing you will be financially secure later in life. 


Tax-free Savings Accounts let your money grow tax-free for whatever you would like to buy. Whether you have your eye on a car, boat, vacation, or retirement, a TFSA will get you there faster. Let us help you grow your money by setting up a TFSA. 

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In addition to the various insurance policies and investment services we provide, Davidson Financial helps you with financial planning. We help you make sense of your finances, providing you with clarity and confidence. Rather than simply working for your money, Davidson Financial ensures that your money is working for you.

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